Basic information

On Sundays and public holidays from 00:00 to 24:00,
at night from 22:00 to 05:00


Heavy goods vehicles of over 3.5t maximum permissible weight (MPW), industrial tractors and machines; articulated vehicles and trucks with multiple trailers of over 5t maximum permitted weight. (Passenger cars, camping cars and agricultural vehicles are excluded from these restrictions.)

Applies to roads

Throughout Switzerland

Detailed information

If any of the above dates is not a holiday in one of the cantons or a part of a canton, there is no prohibition in that canton. The cantonal prohibitions for public holidays do not apply to traffic in transit.


Public holidays 2023:


Winter tires are not obligatory equipment.

Tire chains

Snow chains and studded tires are obligatory in some places. Regions with the obligation are marked and the obligation concerns also four wheel drive cars.

On almost all motorways in Switzerland driving on studded tires is forbidden. On permitted distances there are speed limits of 80/50 kph.

Source: Continental Information

Good to know


Using “light gadgets” is forbidden after dark and in tunnels (ad banners on cabin roofs, additional lights). A failure to comply with these regulations can cost about 280 euro (and there is no mercy)

in the regions where the use of snow chains is signposted, it is obligatory to use them

dipped headlights: it is recommended to drive with dipped headlights on for 24 hours

maximum blood-alcohol content – 0.05%

Important phone numbers:

Assistance breakdown service – assistance breakdown services (also in Liechtenstein) are provided by Touring Club de Suisse (TCS), telephone: 140, available 24h.

police - 117

emergency - 144

fire brigade - 118