Basic information

There is no nationwide ban on Sundays or public holidays for international transport. There are, however, some local bans.

Detailed information

Traffic ban: heavy goods vehicles and combination vehicles of outsized dimensions and exceeding the maximum permitted weight

Time: all year at the weekends:


Public holidays 2023:

Good to know

Snow chains are obligatory equipment. Drivers of coaches and heavy goods vehicles are obliged to carry shovels.

Dipped headlights: obligatory during the day at visibility limited to 200m in built-up area. When the weather is foggy, it is obligatory to use dipped headlights only or dipped headlights together with fog lights.

The maximum blood-alcohol content – 0,05‰


Assistance breakdown services are performed by the Serbian Automobileclub (AMSS); numbers available 24h: +381 11 9800 or 1987.

Assistance service points are usually open from 8:00 to 20:00; at the tourist season, in big cities and along motorways and express ways – 24h.

Police – 192

Emergency ambulance service – 194

Fire brigade – 193