Basic information

The country has not imposed any restrictions in the international heavy traffic.



Good to know

Local currency: Euro (EUR)

The euro is the official currency. In municipalities with predominantly Serbian population, the Serbian dinar is used.

Crime and security

In major cities of the Republic of Kosovo, average household crime rates are reported. It is recommended to avoid moving outside the city centre late at night.

Travellers should avoid visits to remote locations due to the possible presence of mines left over from the war.

Customs requirements

Local law allows duty free imports of items and goods for personal use, as follows: 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of alcohol, 2 litres of wine (for people over 17 years) and other items of total value of 175 euros.

Road traffic

Cars travel with “short” lights on all year long.

Legislation on road traffic in the Republic of Kosovo provides any serious traffic violation and accident to be considered by a panel of the respective District Court.

The European car insurance “Green card” of civil liability is not valid on the territory of Kosovo.

When travelling by vehicle with abroad license plates, the driver must pay a local insurance “Civil Liability”, with prices starting from 32 euros for 15 days.

Payment is to be made in the offices of insurance companies at border check-points upon entry.


Police - 192

Fire brigade - 193

Ambulance - 194

Unified emergency number - 112