Basic information

from 1st July to 31st August:

Note: if a public holiday precedes a Saturday or Sunday, the driving restrictions apply nonstop from 08:00 on the first day to 22:00 on the last day.

from 1st September to 30th June:

Note: if a public holiday precedes a Sunday, the driving restrictions apply nonstop from 08:00 on the first day to 22:00 on the last day.

During the winter period from 4th November to 1st March, the above-mentioned restrictions do not apply to vehicles of EURO 3 standard or higher operating in international transport.


heavy goods vehicles, agricultural tractors with trailers of over 7.5t maximum permissible weight (MPW)

Applies to roads

throughout the road and motorway network

Detailed information


Drivers of goods vehicles which are exempt from the driving restrictions should note, however, that during the driving restrictions (see above) in the summer period (1st July – 31st August) the exemptions are not valid on the following routes:

NOTE: Applications for exemption must be submitted to the National Transport Authority:

Nemzeti Közlekedési Hatóság

Pf 102

1389 Budapest Pf. 102

Drivers must be in possession of the documents confirming their exemption, and should present them on request to the relevant authorities.


An authority competent to issue authorizations for driving a heavy goods vehicle with an exceeded axle load (10t) or an exceeded total weight (3-axle 24t) as well as to issue authorizations for transporting off-specification loads is:

Állami Közúti Műszaki és Információs Kht. - ÁKMI Kht.

(State Technical – Informative Company for Public Roads)

Útvonalengedélyező osztály


All heavy goods vehicles and buses of over 3.5t MPW have to be equipped in tachographs.


Transporting dangerous goods of 1.4G and 1.3G class throughout Hungary may only take place on the basis of relevant authorizations.

The authorizations are issued by the National Police Headquarters (Országos Rendőr-Főkapitányság ORFK, 1139 Budapest, Teve u.4-6, only to the subjects having their premises on the territory of Hungary and being included in the register of explosive and dangerous goods transport in the Economy and Transport Department.


Since 1st January 2011 regulations concerning transport have changed. In accordance with the National Development Department announcement, an amended ordinance 1/1975 introduces a prohibition of overtaking by heavy goods vehicles of over 7.5t MPW on motorways and dual main roads between 06:00 and 22:00. Such vehicles must keep a distance which will allow a similar dimension vehicle with a trailer.


Public holidays 2023:

Good to know

Budapest – car traffic ban in the city centre, on Margaret Island and in the Castle District, only vehicles with special authorizations are allowed in these areas.

Further traffic restrictions in Budapest:

The Mayor of Budapest has issued a regulation concerning traffic restrictions in the city when the level of exhaust fumes pollution during 2 consecutive days exceeds the permitted level.

Vehicles with the odd last figure of the registration number are allowed to drive on odd days and those with the even last figure of the registration number are allowed to drive on even days.

The restriction will be in effect from 06:00 to 22:00 and its infringement will be punished with a fine of HUF 100,000.

The restriction concerns also vehicles with foreign registration numbers.

in winter – carrying anti-slid chains is advisable.

Outside built-up area, including motorways, every engine vehicle is supposed to drive with dipped headlights for 24h

Maximum speed of heavy goods vehicles in built-up area is 50kph, outside built-up area 70kph, on the so-called first class road and on motorways 80kph.

Maximum blood-alcohol content – 0,00‰, and detecting 0,8‰ of such substance in the driver’s blood is treated as a crime.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is punished with a fine up to HUF100,000 and with other sanctions imposed by Court.

The level of fines

Since 1st January 2011 a lot of regulations of the penal code in Hungary have changed, e.g. during a road control it is possible to impose a fine from HUF 10,000 to 300,000 for not fastening one’s seatbelts, speeding, failure to stop on the red light or driving under the influence of alcohol. This relates to cars registered in Hungary, as well as abroad. In the issued announcement, the National Development Department indicates that not paying the administrative fine in a specified time may cause an application by relevant services resulting in a temporary traffic withdrawal of the car. The creating of a European data base which will allow a more effective collection of administrative fines, has been also stated.

It is also possible to halt a car for a technical examination (up to 2 hours) in spite of having a valid technical examination document.

A system of penalty points has already been introduced.


assistance breakdown service is provided by the Hungarian Automobileclub MAK, available 24h; telephone: 188 or +36 1-345 1755

police - 107

emergency - 104

fire brigade - 105

or the unified number- 112