Detailed information

Article I

Vehicles concerned:

lorries and combined vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of over 7.5t; lorries and combined vehicles which exceed 14m in length; tractors; horse-drawn vehicles; working machines and all other vehicles which cannot exceed a speed of 40km/h on a straight road; vehicles being used for driving lessons


on the following state roads (D) with the exception of completed motorway sections :

on the approach to and in the area of the state ferry port of Split

on the approach to and in the area of the state ferry port of Zadar

Article II


On Good Friday and on the eve of a public or religious holiday

On a public holiday

If a public holiday, or the last day of a series of public holidays falls on a Friday or Saturday, the prohibition is effective on the Sunday from 12h00 to 23h00.

If a public holiday falls on a Sunday or Monday, the prohibition is effective on the preceding Friday from 15h00 to 23h00.

Note: during the driving ban, vehicles registered in Croatia which are affected by the restrictions are allowed to enter the country at all border crossings mentioned above and to wait in an appropriate parking area in the border crossing zone until the end of the restrictions or to drive to the nearest customs office or terminal provided parking space is available.

Article III

Vehicles concerned

lorries and combined vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of over 7.5t


on the SR 2 between Varazdin and Dubrava Krizovljanska


on Sundays from 06h00 to 22h00

Note: the driving restrictions listed under Article III shall not apply to vehicles belonging to companies or individuals having their headquarters or official residence within the area served by the SR 2 between Varazdin and Dubrava Krizovljanska, nor to the vehicles referred to in Article IV, indents 7, 8 and 9 when they are supplying businesses along this road section.

Appropriate traffic signs will be installed and the public will be notified via the media of the driving restrictions specified in Articles I and III.

Article IV


The above-mentioned driving restrictions do not apply to

Article V

The authorisation referred to above is issued, in the case of domestic road traffic, by the police administration responsible for the area in which the departure point is situated or, in the case of international road traffic, at the place of entry into Croatia on condition that, in terms of timing and circumstances, such transport is urgently needed for safety reasons or if its delay is likely to cause major material damage.

Article VI

In case of non-compliance with the present order, a fine of HRK 5000 will be imposed on companies plus a fine of HRK 1000 on the person responsible within the company for allowing the vehicle to be driven in contravention of the ban; a fine of HRK 5000 will be imposed on independent businessmen. A person giving driving lessons, as well as the person driving the vehicle in contravention of the ban will be fined HRK 500 each.

Authorised routes:





There are no general regulations. A possibility of the introduction of the ban in specific bad winter weather conditions – then the obligation to fit M+S (mud and snow) tires with the minimal thread depth of 4 mm.


It is required to fit chains on at least one driving axle in specific snow conditions.

There is an obligation to be equipped with snow chains in the region of Lika/ Gorski Korat. Tires with spikes are prohibited. Company vehicles are obliged to be equipped with snow shovels.

Source: Informacja Continental

Good to know

Dipped headlights: The use of dipped headlights is mandatory 24h in case of poor visibility. In winter, in the period from the last Sunday of November till the last Sunday of March, the use of dipped headlights is mandatory for 24h.

The maximum alcohol-blood content – 0,00‰.

If a foreign driver causes an offence resulting in the withdrawal of the driving licence, the period prohibiting his/her driving on the territory of Croatia will be reported on his/ her driving licence.

Notice: The police have the right to withdraw the foreigner’s passport for a period of up to 48 hours or till the settlement of the imposed fine or the appearance in court.


Assistance breakdown service: of Croatian automobilclub (HAK) spreads over the whole territory of Croatia – 987; from mobile phones – 01 987.

On-the-spot repairs are done from 6:30 to 18:30, towing is done 24h.

the police - 92

the fire brigade - 93

the emergency ambulance service - 94