Basic information

The country has not imposed any restrictions in the international heavy traffic.

Detailed information

Traffic ban: on all roads where the permissible axle weight is limited to 6t (possibly 9t), for all vehicles exceeding this value.

Time: in spring months (March – April) due to thaw.

Routes: different parts of national roads, among others: M 8, M 10, M 11, M 12. with the exception of:

Exceptions (among others): The transport of livestock, medicines and fuels; vehicles used in emergency.

Traffic ban: vehicles with the permissible axle weight exceeding 6t

Time: in summer months from the 20 May till the end of August on days when the outdoor temperature is above 25°C, between 11:00 and 21:00. These vehicles can use roads only between 21:00 and 11:00.

Routes: all roads.

Exceptions: Transporting passengers, livestock, flowers, humanitarian cargoes, concrete and bitumen/ concrete mixtures, dangerous goods, perishable goods, seeds stock, as well as loads intended for the elimination of emergencies.


In its decree no. 1012 of 25 Nov 2013, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus the approved the following list of public holidays and free days scheduled for deferred work. The second clause of the decree, however, specifies that businesses have the right to arrange a different schedule of deferred workdays in accordance with their needs.